Your dream designs become reality… quickly, cost-effectively, superbly!

Thanks to our highly acclaimed and skilled jewelry artists, we can offer you the finest custom design work made with the highest quality. We would love to create your jewelry design, wedding ring, anniversary band, logo, family crest, monogram, badge, or icon out of precious metals. We would enjoy replicating that one lost cufflink or earring out of a well-loved pair. We are up to meeting the challenge of any design you can imagine. We love to say yes to those odd-jobs, often the most meaningful of all to a client — that would have been impossible or impossibly costly using traditional jewelry-making procedures.

Here is how the process works:



Upload your scanned picture, sketch, or design below — along with your contact data. Then within 2 business days a Charles Collection representative will contact you to discuss the details with you (design, schedule, budget) by phone. Feel free to call us anytime at 800-569-4499. You can also fax your design to 800-878-1736.


CAD-artists input every measurement and detail of your finished piece into state-of-the-art jewelry making software, translating grace, style, and nuance into a computer file.


We`ll e-mail you a complete breakdown and quote. For your approval.


After you approve the design, your file goes to the HR 3D Printer which “grows” a perfect photopolymer model of your piece overnight. This new technology eliminates traditional hand-carving required for lost-wax casting.


Your piece is cast in precious platinum or gold (14K, 18K, yellow or white), utilizing ProCraft Casting Systems` superb technology.


The piece is then inspected under 10X binocular magnification in a Laser Star welder. Any microscopic faults are laser-perfected, even before the hand-finishing process begins.


Your piece is perfected and gemstones are set by hand. We then overnight the jewelry to you. Not a single piece has ever been sent back, not even for a tiny alteration. What comes back instead are hugs, high-five, joyful amazement – and many more creative assignments.


Please upload your design below – along with contact info. Or fax us at 800-878-1736. Thank You

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